Sorry to deviate from electronic music, but, it’s not like I’ve made a lot of posts recently.

I started a blog about Aji Peppers that you REALLY need to check out. It needs some serious love. Lots of good documentation about different varieties of peppers. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with me I am also wondering the same thing.

Aji Peppers

But seriously, the website is so underground it’s scary. Maybe I’ll start to focus on music again one day.

Geotic – Mend is Amazing

I have been listening to Geotic – Mend for quite a while and it is still one of my favorite albums. Even though it’s extremely minimal, I could listen to it every nearly night and not get sick of it. Fell in love with it in 2013 getting lost in downtown Coral Gables.

Geotic is a side project from Will Wiesenfeld, more widely known for his work as Baths and Post-Foetus. He is supposed to be releasing a new Baths album sometime 2014.

Geotic – Mend is very slow, ambient melodies (mostly guitar) painted over cleverly processed distortions.

You can download Geotic – Mend the entire album and many more for free here.