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    Beastie Boys – To The Five Boroughs Review

    Posted on August 31st, 2004
    Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs
    Score: 9.0

    It’s been over 6 long years since the Beastie Boys have graced our CD players and turntables with a new album. It was well worth the wait. What is a review of the Beastie Boys doing on a website about experimental electronic art? Well, in my opinion, Beastie Boys is one of the most experimental groups that I have come across as an avid music listener. Not in a sense of how many snares can you fit into a single bar without it sounding like white noise, but in their mastery of a very diverse group of genres. They can’t be classified; they are the Beastie Boys.

    To the 5 Boroughs is somewhat different from every previous release of their’s to date, but they still manage to come with the signature Beastie sound, minus the obvious (vocals). This album is reminiscent of Paul’s Boutique feel and similar to the futuristic, electronic hip hop joints on Hello Nasty. Basically, it’s a good mix of their older and newer hip hop. There is no chilled, jam songs like the album of In Sound From Way Out which was somewhat disappointing.


    Atlanta Graffiti

    Posted on August 9th, 2004

    Click here to see the rest of the images.

    New Moog Modular, Waldorf, Emu Samples Uploaded

    Posted on June 10th, 2004

    There are now free samples / resources up on the sound design page. Feel free to use these in your production if you are interested. The samples are from the Emu Modular, Moog Modular, Waldorf Microwave XT and processing through the DP4. There are also some random home recorded samples and drums.

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